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if you follow
every little ambition
everything your soul mutters
that makes you heart flutter
you might end up
on a dark and dank path
you'd be lost
and then what of it?

but if you ignore
oppotunity scratching at the windows
and banging on the door
if you succumb to yourself
what of it?

confusion, anger
aggression, sorrow and
wandering off the path.
normal things i guess
for which later in life
we'll look back and laugh.

can you make it there?
can i meet you
at the end and 
can you promise me
more than a blank stare?

if i followed you home
would you still love me?
what does this all mean
im following a hope
i thought i knew
the final destination
but the winds have changed
the tide gone out.

stranded, abandonned
hopeless, without a doubt.
im beautiful, can you see it?
im making it
im going to finish this
im proving to you now
i was never faking it.

love me, oh.
silent memories
black and white short films
of the good times
the happiness
and the bad times
the music tells the story
your love
... my pride and glory.

but you walk a different path
and i go my seperate way
and i hope
that this kiss will last me
just another day
see me through
i'll make my way back
if thats what you
are waiting for me to do?

fustration overcomes me
and i scream at the mirror in rage
why am i not good enough?
i had everything 
and i gave you it
i thought
what was never real
i imagined things i
could never feel.

you made me believe
you saved me more than once.
just with a gentile touch
i loved you.
was that too much?
but, im off...

sailing, the winds pick up
hope regained
i'll find my way again
dont forget me
i wont ever forget you,
love. something
i need to forget to do.

fly across teh sky
one more time
make me fly,
the angony
one more last kiss goodbye.
dearest friend, brother...
here we part.

Ellie J
fallen off the face of the earth

Posted: 2005-10-24 20:31:47 UTC

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