So C'mon, Turn Me into A Buterfly Already!, by so_close_but_yetso_far Subscribe to rss feed for <font color=so_close_but_yetso_far">
Posted: 2005-10-16 17:30:16 UTC
Nobody rlly understands the feelings I hide,
the pain is still here like picked sores,
every word you say is like a whisper from god to me,
to me,
your the man,
your worthy my body,
you have permission to capture my soul,
I've built the coocoon around myself,
its up to you to burst it open,
to see me fly at my best,
my true colours,
and my smile,
everything you say,
sticks to me,
your gloriful words glued to me,
dosn't that sound sexy?
then go ahead,
crack that damn cocoon,
or I'll remain a caterpiller,
sadly waiting,
to fly.

Hi, this isn't my usual style of writing. Do you like it, or should I stick to my death poems? Try witing like this, it will make you feel better. You can always delete it after! © Sasha Buonasorte 2005 All Rights Reserved.

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2005-11-08 23:58:45Debz ~~ lost amoungst the pages of a story yet to be told ~~
this is fantastic sasha wow its has such good imagery and everything thanks for commenting on my work i find it only fair to repay the compliment