Blood Virtue, by Sandwich Massacre Subscribe to rss feed for Sandwich Massacre

I find myself in the strangest places
None of which I could ever call my home
I find my name on the strangest faces
And in the strangest eyes I found my soul

There is hope in every morning
There’s a god in every soul
There’s a point to all this learning
If every heart stopped beating how could I find my way

*Oh oh yeah, it’s like the breath that I breathe every
time oh woah
Oh oh yeah, it’s like the mystery  that I’ll never know
as me
oh yeah, but I’ll keep on floating 
Oh yeah, like I keep on dreaming
Oh yeah, every heart knows benevolence 
Oh yeah, if your words speak truth your veins will flow with
Your veins will flow with virtue

We were not born to walk unaided
Life is mystery but I know that
We were not born to destroy heaven
God never gave us a reason to attack

There’s healing in every smile
There is love in every heart
There’s a prophet in your healing words
And if every voice stopped speaking, how could we heal every

Your veins

Divulge in your subconscious
Arrive at peace at unity with us
If truth does flow like blood at once
We’re saved
We’re saved
We’re, We’re
We’re saved

Posted: 2005-11-06 16:24:23 UTC

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