THE WHISPERS OF MA BROKEN HEART......., by so_close_but_yetso_far Subscribe to rss feed for <font color=so_close_but_yetso_far">
Posted: 2005-10-13 17:50:01 UTC
Everything wilts away,
As I watch my dreams and asparations fade,
All that is left is the whispers of my broken heart...
As I see them,
With each other,
I break down,
I can't do this anymore.

He flirts,
He jokes,
He has a heart of Ł$goldŁ$,
But hes a player,
And he broke my heart.

Yeah, I luv him,
Yeah, I'm his m8,
And, OK I'll sacrifice ma happiness,
So he can stay wif his girl,
But you've taken this 2 far,
Dis fing as esculated,
You r flirtin with me,
And I dunno wat 2 think.

And as I see you,
Hand in hand,
All thats left,
Is the whisper of ma broken heart...

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2005-12-02 03:47:34chazz
nice poem.. nope, i don't go to king james school. thanks for asking though