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sometimes i wonder..
am i who i see?
am i what,
you want me to be?
and then i look away,
and sigh.
trying to please
fifty people,
plus me...
gets complicated,
and insane.
and the whole time,
im telling myself i am
who i am faking.
keep on going,
look at all the 
friends we're making.
can i be..
fitting into more
than one place?
like a skeletonal key,
do i have no real face?
it's unsettling
to think about 
how i lose myself
each month
and day..
to a *new* 
upgraded improvement.
but in the end
this is me
who i am s'posed to be.
can't you tell..
i have hidden it so well.
now the layers of paint
and polish wear off,
im just a social misfit.
is it just now
losing it's shine..
am i now
not covering up who I am?
good bye 
and glam...
cuz now,
this is who i have become,
this is what i

Posted: 2005-01-28 00:54:54 UTC

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