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to run up to a cliff,
to sail,
to fly of it,
like a bird,
to look up to the sky,
to laugh,
my first real laugh in years,
to remember the time when I was happy,
just me and my mum,
where boys were nose picking idiots,
and all that mattered,
was who won ludo,
to forget about the pain,
and just relax,
why the fuck is suicide "NOT A VERY GOOD THING"
Posted: 2005-10-09 09:20:09 UTC

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2005-11-10 20:44:35~JaLeEsA lOvEs PoLkA dOtS~
I really like this one..."nose picking idiots"...thats great!

2005-11-21 20:57:33[email protected][email protected]
i like i like the "ose picking idiots" bit too! xXx