Posted: 2005-10-07 15:53:28 UTC
It takes so much,
to keep my heart beating,
to maintain good looks,
and not go insane,
to walk down the street,
without wanting to scream.

It takes courage to live life happily,
and sometimes,
I wonder,
If its worth it.

Mabey if it just slowly STOPPED.
A nice long sleep,
I dunno.

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2005-11-13 23:35:34Finding Myself♥♥
thanks so much for being considerate. if you ever get this email me, first go to my xanga, cuz i don wanna put me email on here n every1 just start emailn me u kno. k so go to this site and sign my guestbook or somting like that. here you go. thank you soo much 4 caring good-bye!