Posted: 2005-09-24 00:48:47 UTC
Feeling an undescribable pain
My heart now being slain
Miles away from the world I knew
Like sand in the wind away it blew

Like the time that fails to stop
Goes the life I wish I'd sought

Copyright 2005 JEM

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2006-09-23 20:43:39 ~~~~GLOSTARG~~~~
I like this short poem.I can relate to this poem very well, but even if time flies like a rocket we have to make the best of the life we have NOW. good job! :)

2007-12-28 08:06:54Anthony Cardon

2009-05-03 01:20:53marsha
i like this

2010-06-06 13:20:09kyky
Great Poem!

2014-08-06 01:24:00Abi Wehrmeyer
Great job!