Posted: 2005-09-05 12:13:00 UTC
Shannie went to school that day,
At fathers day,
The task was to show the class your dad,
So when Shannie got into the room,
She told everybody,
That, "although you cannot see him,
He's here to join me!"
Nobody beleived her,
They all laughed and laughed and laughed,
except for Mrs.Connarwaye, who said,
"Her dad is dead,"
And when they went to bed that night,
They cryed their eyes out,
In fear of the devil,
Who would rip their dads to shreads,
Then they would be ridiculed,
Just like Shannie Head,
But the truth was,
Shannie was doing fine,
Her dad was watching her.


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2006-01-18 18:38:45A Lonely Song
I love it. It's so sad how some people just don't believe. Faith, Hope, and Love. Courtney