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Towering high above me,
Walls keeping me in.
I can not escape,
From the them or him.

I see him watching,
Even when they don’t.
He towers over me,
I dare not escape, I won’t.

Fear of him keeps me,
I’m locked away for good.
I would never attempt freedom,
Even though I should.

I’ll never be free, 
Even after he is gone.
He will always be there,
To me he will live on.
Posted: 2005-09-03 03:50:01 UTC

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2005-11-15 19:14:28No Child Is Innocent Once Born
Hey! Like the poem, my name is Stephanie as well!!!

2006-01-24 05:20:22. QUEENIE .
i know how that feels. in a small way, maybe not the way your poem is about but i can relate for certain.