Chose To Die, by X_LUCY_INNES_X Subscribe to rss feed for X_LUCY_INNES_X

Clueless numbers of blind ignorant youth,
crucifying and shaming not knowing the truth;
Reasons unknown lye with that talked about being,
and no soul will ever see what they're seeing;
fears, weakness, and maybe uncaring,
the reason sit unanswered for anyone's sharing;
to judge, to spite, to deny there's an answer,
is a more stronger sin then the original cancer;
ignorance is our evil when we close up our mind,
maybe we're scared of the truth we might find,
the world is not pure, many scared souls,
which maybe the reason for the rise in these tolls;
these plenty I speak of are the victims of pain,
victims of lost love or perhaps of the brain;
my thoughts here are vague but strong in my head,
about the hidden truth of those voluntary dead;
I know there's a reason, I know there's an ache,
I know there's an answer, and it's not selfish sake;
we are all blind to the darkness, the scream in one's cry,
the pain one must be battling, when they chose to die
Posted: 2005-08-01 12:14:28 UTC

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