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The Doctor Man

once a long time ago,
a girl of fiteen came in
real late,
so late it was really
quite actually,
truthfully early.
she had over dosed on something,
god knows what,
but he saw her eyes,
and he knew,
he had to help her.
so he fixed her,
and sat up at night talking
jus chatting,
with this little child,
who lived a life,
quite so wild.
she had no parents
they had left,
and her little brother,
who was deaf,
in the city all alone,
but they made due,
she took him,
once she remembered,
to teh zoo,
becuase he wanted
always to go.
and after that,
she did not know.
and then she tried to smile.
but she could not.
and the doctor sat,
and told her of his problems,
and she gave him advice,
maybe not so nice,
was honest,
and true,
and really what he ought to do.

and as he checks his watch,
it's a quarter to,
and quarter to 4.
and he remembered.
and as he wandered teh halls,
he sees this girl go by,
with a bloodied face,
her arm,
the bone so out of place,
he asks,
a bus came 
the reply.
and here he had thought,
it was domestic violence,
but then he saw,
the glint,
of a nosering.

he watched over her,
hoping she would
not go comatose.
she is no longer
but she is still a child,
who must lead,
her night life,
loud and wild.

his son came in,
saw the girl
and got distressed.
he remembered her,
she wore a red dress.
the doctor asked what was wrong,
and he said,
she's a whore i 
was with,
not that long,
the doctor frowned,
and ushered him away,
looking down on this girl,
he realized,
more than her smile was broken.
her soul,
her heart,
her faith,
all smashed.
and just then,
she opens her eyes,
trying to focus,
but still yet,
she is not quite, not high.

she falls asleep again,
and in the morning 
he decides,
a nurse
can explain,
her head tramau,
and her broken ribs.
why she is here,
maybe she can fix this fragile girl.
who has become a coke whore.

xoxo Kyelle
Posted: 2005-01-20 14:52:49 UTC

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2006-06-26 04:01:35User bad...let's see next part..

2006-06-27 01:52:54. QUEENIE .
lol it get so crappy this far along tho.