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in my tiny book,
in space all my own,
view my hoome grown,
on life and the world; outlook.

how i percieve,
everything to be,
the portion of the world i see;
everything i believe.

find my innner soul,
read all my plans,
how someday i'll have more fans;
my life's goal.

turn to page 28,
feeling low,
leftout; no place to go
feel my sudden hate.

watch as everything changes,
plans gone bad,
losing faith in all i had,
my mind deranges.

over time,
plotting mind games,
giving up good fame;
my heart gone sour like the juice of a lime.

no-one knew,
just my book,
my silent outlook;
plans for just what i had to do.

now you read this,
i'm now underground,
notebook left to be found;
having never felt true love's first kiss.

only seventeen,
gone and lsot forever,
coming back; no, never
can you believe, that i was prom queen?


   for everyone who thinks that popular poeple have teh 
perfect life, never hate, never are sad or depressed, 
worried or stressed. everyone has problems, just the same. 
Posted: 2005-01-20 14:45:21 UTC

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2006-06-26 04:20:47User
Prom Queen..?? Hmmm...I guess it's never easy to stand out from the crowd...oh.. by the way..can you tell me how did you put on those graphics and change the fonts..??? I tried but it didn't work..

2006-06-27 01:30:19. QUEENIE .
basic html codes... i unno reall how to make it work.. i'll copy and paste my tags on your page for you :) like i'll eave a comment and put them in it for ya.