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shattered glass, 
broken looks, 
and mascara gets washed away by windshield wiper blades..

dark night,
alone cold,
and there was nobody there to help her..

she lay,
so broken,
and her heart had been torn to pieces..

no longer,
anything much,
and she died alone in the cold dark..

all because,
he disappeared,
and she was all alone in the glass.

XoXo Kyelle

** first stanza orinigally by the Band Thursday from teh 
song Singals over The Air. (thats an awesome song btw) **

Posted: 2005-01-20 14:42:47 UTC

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2006-08-19 01:20:27User
Most of your poems that I've read often makes me imagine how the story or incident took place..and sometimes it felt so real that I can really...feel am faraway from reality..