motherless brooklyn, by Keith Subscribe to rss feed for Keith

to cant tell me nothing by cj free beats
you say you want to be my lover whats good then
our first date ill take you to see motherless brooklyn
go to benny hanna and ask the chef whats cooking
turn the lights down low all you got to say is keep pushing
the cigar cooshend the seat cusioned
hold on girl cause like a giyser you gone keep gooshing
thank of me as nike and keep swooshing
like a rainy day in paradise down there but ill keep
your good looking good looking so seductive seductive 
everything you do is good to me well productive
train conductive got you choo chooing
im kind of crazy yeah loose screwing
you watch me on you tube dont have to ask you who are you

Posted: 2020-01-09 15:30:54 UTC

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