My Fantasy Vs Reality, by Amethyst_Star Subscribe to rss feed for Amethyst_Star
Posted: 2019-10-04 10:36:15 UTC
Reality, how tranquil is the life?
Full of pain, chaos and strife
But in Fantasy, all thoughts aloof
All the misery, sadness was gone in a poof

In Reality, I was just nobody of a girl
Nothing to be proud of, nothing to hurl
In Fantasy, I was everything I wanted to be
All I loved was all I see

In Reality, I was afraid, I was shunned thee
All I wanted to have the solution, the key!
In Fantasy, I was not the lady in distress
I was my Knight in shining armor without the dress

Unfortunately, I'm not a realist
All in my head was all an illusion, just a mist
Reality was my mortal enemy, like a shadow
But I was defeated, I was full of sorrow

All my fantasies was all in my head
I was lonely and full of dread
So I wrote all I thought
Now look and read what it brought

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