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Posted: 2019-08-01 13:53:08 UTC
Cold Under The Coat

Oh my love
How I must have changed
Since we last failed
And so deliciously

You never faltered though
Or paused or turned
For one final
Backward glance did you

Nor did you drop one of your
Elegant gloves as we passed
In the second hand book store
I know because I checked

I checked the next day too
And despite it being summer
And with mercury still climbing
I recall a distinct chill

It was the moment the hem of your
Dress brushed past my knee
Yes it was then I promised myself
Another beard come winter

You may laugh but I have considered
Taking up walking with my mandolin
Or a meerschaum pipe maybe
Perhaps you would notice me then

Although I trust my self less
With you these days than I once did
With nicotine
Which took some quitting too

I kept the old green corduroy coat
By the way but only ever wear it now
In the garden and on special occasions
Because you once liked it

And because
It still smells of you
At least I think its you
It could be no one else for sure

Oh my love
How we have both changed
Since failing
And so completely

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