Roaming Rover, by Addis Juniour Subscribe to rss feed for Addis Juniour
Posted: 2019-07-11 10:57:03 UTC
Nine hours away,
And I don't want to stay,
You had your fun and games,
now it's time to pay.

You say you'll see me on the other side,
But I won't be there, and you'll just be tired,
You'll run away and say you got scared,
I may cry myself to sleep now, but for that I am prepared.

I'm so done with this pain,
It's nothing that I planned,
Maybe I misread the situation,
But this is the last straw from where I stand.

Constantly feeling like I have to try harder and harder,
Try till i'm bleeding,
You'll be the vampire just continue the feeding,
Try as I please, you keep pushing me away,
One day, one day i'm not gonna stay,
You'll be on your own my love, but that's okay.

Our days shall then be over,
I'll go for a ride and never see you again,
good bye, i'll wave, from my Roaming Rover.

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