Posted: 2021-01-17 14:04:28 UTC

To have a cosmic consciousness,
To know that God is the Creator of all science.
To feel that He is intertwined with everything we have in our world, on the planet.
We are creatures that we are here to learn every day more.
We seek peace and make wars.
We seek dreams, and we decompose trees and murder our fellow animals.
We want to be children of God and we criticize each other, yes I also criticize, the friend, and much more the enemy, but I know how to observe my navel, and I know what mistake, and ugly mistake.
I am like this, in question of repeating my stay here, I need to learn again the Forgiveness.
The hard thing is to see the situation of many, to go to churches, to fill them, but they do not interpret the true meaning of love, of peace, of union, of compassion.
People usually have two gods, the Father, and Money, and while many religions, or rather religious leaders, earn their millions, others are at mercy, from hunger, from diseases, which are even ingrained, are returning, because we mistreat Nature too much.
The only certainty is that we are rational, and we kill worse than other animals, because we murder for greed, for cruelty. For getting a fur coat, but in fact, we are the worst of animals here on Earth.
To be aware of life, of love, and on the other hand, to realize the so dreamed peace, to believe, that even speaking different languages, and we have our reasons, the search for Peace, Freedom, Life is a constant, and only in God the Father-Creator, that we find our true way out.
Peace and good.
To all the birthdays of the month of June, including Luciana Araújo, Anna Clara Castro, Emmanuel Castro, Ana Paula Henriques Rezende, In Memoriam Ester Riveiro, and myself.
May we dream with much peace and love on Earth.
São Paulo, June 1, 2019.

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"Life is the only thing that makes us understand what love is." Téka Castro

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