Posted: 2018-12-18 13:09:39 UTC

Suddenly we are not arriving in the Brazilian summer, where I am worried about the afforestation, where we become assassins, and we only want buildings, oil, and water being discarded with contempt and at least what we can do for our Planet?
Men demarcate indigenous lands and environmental ministers want to deforest more and more, and then what will become of us? Our body can withstand temperature, it will be crazy, we will see the temperature rise of the Earth by 1 Celsius, and this causes the ice to melt, the water of the seas increases, and other evils.
Our Environment needs us. God gave us for free, and what do we do daily? We kill, we devastate, and we still say wild animals invade our homes, but we first invade those animals.
So why not live in peace?
I see in the devastation of Syria and other places in guerrillas, with no trees, no rivers, and the right desertification to come.
Not to mention, that many take native vegetation to plant narcotics, to make the population sick.
Ah. Sadness in my soul that I see the world created by God being destroyed by us, beings similar to the Father.
We're cowards, hypocrites, we do not seem to have a heart.
Just greed, just scorn, and our environment on fire with each passing day.
Now here in Brazil, we have a new president, to assume, the presidency in January, I hope that he has environmental conduct, a determination to be sustainable, and that we can learn to live like our Indians, to care for Mother Earth, and not to mistreat the earth, our home. Let's read the Charter of 2070, let's take care of ourselves, and the others.
Let us do our best for the Earth, for life to be shared, not only in a social network, but to be lived with love and faith.

I offer the birthday party of 12/17/2018 - Pope Francisco and all the environmentalists and activists of life.
Peace and good.
Teka Castro, chemist, teacher, writer, mother, daughter and wife.
Contact: [email protected]

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