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We will test the chains that bind, we will examine them and
find their limits. We will ensure they are tight and secure.
We will seek out the weakest point and discover if there is
any chance of escape. We don't do it because We wish to get
away, but because we need to be certain that we cannot.

Slaves do not test because we are bad slaves But to ensure
our Doms are not bad Doms.

Only a slave can know the feelings of security, comfort and
sense of being home afforded by kneeling at the feet of the
One they choose to serve.

For The Love of My Slave 2018

The time of submission is surreal timeā€”no decisions, no
distractions, no responsibilities. The gift of love and
trust you are about to bestow upon Me, is like a perfect
prayer, given without thought of self.

to give Me your body and soul,

your heart and eternal love

to give Me everything you have been

and everything you may become

to give me your morning, noon and night

Your devotion, your submission

in My hands

Posted: 2018-12-13 00:13:31 UTC

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