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Threshold of self

I was robbed, they took my life.
They did me anew,
I've had no way out.
I changed everything
But the world haunted me.
I felt cold, shivering,
And then I let myself go,
To sport by things that my mother,
He did not teach,
But the world doubled me.
I wanted to plasticize myself,
Change gender,
Being healed ...
And I left my home
I left those who loved me.
Today I'm here.
I was sentenced to nights
Cardboard My Blanket
The pain of my lifemate.
And I still screw up
I try to take life from the other,
For fool's gold.
I leave and invade what is not mine.
I've often been about to leave,
Many gave me their hand,
But what I did,
It was to hurt them.
And, today I live on the threshold of time,
Forgotten by who loved me,
Wanted by Law.
And, I know I did everything wrong.
Today I am guilty of ruin
That invades my soul.
And to live in pain eternally is my sinha.
Even if somewhere, someone by me will fight!

Handwritten poetry, in July 2018.
Published in two sites of poetry, one in Portuguese, another
in English.
Teka Castro.
SP December 12, 2018.
Posted: 2018-12-12 14:20:51 UTC

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