Posted: 2018-12-12 13:18:56 UTC
New stages of life.

Anna Clara, who for nine years remained in elementary school, in the same school unit, EMEF. Prof. Mário Schonberg, on the 14th, will have his ninth grade graduation. And, I appreciate the appreciation of each teacher who helped me to guide her, to form a new citizen. May God protect all, and what a new stage to come.
Now to fight for the Modeling course at Etec, to be a stylist, a clothing artist. May God bless my youngest to continue this road.
Emmanuel, who was once a student of several schools, has now finished high school in EE Prof. Dr. Lauro Pereira Travassos. I even taught mathematics for him in fifth grade, currently, sixth grade. My ADHD today also goes on a new road, a college that knows Physical Education, a step that may be worth it, and dreaming a lot, both one and the other.
New stages, new dreams, and I here composing and thanking God for my children. And, for every teacher who with daily struggle, a crazy life of those of the Brazilian teachers, who are warriors, my thank you, for the formation of my children.
Now a rather difficult but not impossible step in the grace of the Father.
May God bless my children, my fellow teachers, and I apologize in public for the follies I have made, after all, I am a mother, and I want to see my children happy. But, I acknowledge, I thank each one who has helped me from the Work of the Cradle up to here, this year of formation, to Emmanuel, and from the school of the neighbor, Aunt Cida and Uncle Léo, after Aunt Simone of Knowledge), today I just want to thank.
May new stages of life, hope of life, can give joy. And, may my children, make the habit of always seeking Wisdom. Indicates the Reading of the Book of Wisdom (Bible), chapter 9. Solomon's Prayer for Wisdom.
Thank you for the coordination of all the schools, and many blessings to all the staff.
Thank you for everything.
World peace.
# Happy mother.
Tereza Cristina G Castro.
São Paulo, December 11, 2018.
1:49 a.m.
Sunny afternoon in São Paulo.

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