Life, Fertility, Mortality, by Lawrence Mathebula Subscribe to rss feed for Lawrence Mathebula
Posted: 2018-11-09 11:28:38 UTC
Found warm where watering of the Ace of Cups
Fall streams and jets ooze their silent rain
Of crystal Gods and Goddesses, from sky to earth
Sips of the ground and seed-quenching for growth
Flowered and cropped that maize for harvesting
In autumn; period of your green food culled
Ripe, their necks by sower's dutiful hands,
For months and creature both he and she; a species,
Whose heart depend on it; the full wind, its flightful air
Soars everywhere, a bird arrives first in speed
Of these immortals, that see no grave or tomb
Built before them and hours known beyond the door!
It's only hands and wands and spirit here,
Lives God. In fire still, leaves all those, later years!

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