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Posted: 2018-10-19 13:23:03 UTC
Can You Hear Me? Can You See Me? Can You Feel Me? Bc lately I have been feeling Alone. Do I have to Fight this Battle Alone? Where Are you? Did you Leave Me? Please, I need to know if I Am Alone Or are you Here Because Lately Everyone’s Leavin, I’m Never Gonna understand this I know I Am Not Perfect But what is Perfect I have My flaws Doesn’t everyone? Can You Hear Me Screamin Ur Name? Don’t You Care? Where are you When I need you The Most? Do I even Matter Anymore? Is it bc I have changed into Who I am Now? Don’t You Like the Real Me? Why Does Everyone Think I’m Perfect When I’m not Stop Telling me Lies!! Are you here? Are You Real or are you Fake? Am I Real? or am I fake? Is the Real? Is this Fake? I feel Fake, I feel Alone! Have I been Alone the whole Time? Do You Even Care that I’m crying And I’m Dying Slowly Inside? Look At me Am I fading too? I trusted you Should I still Trust you Should I just give up and Fade Tell me I need to Know “Do U care as much as I care for you”?

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