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Posted: 2018-10-19 13:20:34 UTC
So I made it 8 months Without My Aunt it makes me sad when I skateboard Bc she was gonna teach me or When I play basketball and I don’t make the hoop it makes me mad bc my aunt taught me everything But I messed up, Sometimes My eyes water bc I lost and I just wanna cry but I get up and shoot the basket Ball again Until I make. I make it and I’m better again. Sometimes I cry Bc i think of everything I have done with her I mean I’m Glad she’s in a Better Place I just Get upset bc I love her and she’s Just Gone In a blink of an eye I guess they are right when they say Tell them you Love them Bc the next day they could be gone.. I hurt But I’m dealing with it thanks to My Family and Friends. When I was sad she was there for me. I Loved her Like she was My blood family! I stayed at her house after she Died and It was Sad But I needed to deal with her Not being here so I made the night without Crying and Hung with my uncle and listen to music But It was quiet with her not there It kinda made me depressed but I’m fine Now I picked my uncle Over my best friend bc I knew he was going through a lot and I mean I know he’d do the same for me so why not do it he is my Blood after all And I Feel Really bad Bc He lost His Soul Mate, His Wife.. I mean if I was in those shoe’s I would want help and company too I wouldn’t wanna be Alone.. He probably Feels like He’s Alone Well He needs to know We are here For Him.

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