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  The life of a mother,and a grandmother.                  
      Is such a blessing ,and a gift from GOd.
  To be the first one to hold, kiss,smell,to count their
fingers and toes. 
   Already so in-love with the tiny Lil life,growing
   To teach them and love them as they grow,along the way.
Year after year time goes bye before you relize they are
 More time goes bye, grandchildren come one bye one.
Girls,boy's the fun , love, playing,crying
all kinds of different stuff.
 They get angry with me ,as well as I do them. Their
struggles today wow,I thought them day's were gone.
 Unspoken word's, Prayers Dear Lord , cause we'll enough
has already been said.
 Watch over each and everyone the big and the small. Dear
Lord I'm praying for us all.
Brandy Wells.    6-20-18

Posted: 2018-09-17 01:14:24 UTC

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