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        As I , stand here on my porch,  Looking at
all the beauty and peace that surrounds me.
My heart way's heavy with; guilt,worry and disappointment.
What kind of mother,grandmother am I?
 Why am I still here ? My children need me so, doesn't
matter that they're  grown.
Many day's and nights my mother held me close.
 I've been in they're place thinking damn I hate being all
alone. I'm hungry and hot in my dark home. Needing my momma
, to talk an encourage me everything's going to be alright.
Think she is up maybe she'll answer her phone.
 Still im standing here with all these thoughts running
through my head,
 GOD I need your help please, as I hit my knees, show the
path I need to be on. Dear Lord please, please. Help me. 
 Oh my I new he was listening when the chills ran right
through , 
 Sweet child of mine I've never turned you away . go to
them , they need you.
 Lord I know you heard me pray.I will now find my way.
  By:Brandy Wells
Posted: 2019-02-09 18:05:11 UTC

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