Numb: A Free Verse Poem, by BlackieTheCajun Subscribe to rss feed for BlackieTheCajun

Just for a little while,
Let me feel numb.
Take away the pain,
Sent the sadness into ether.

For a while,
Give me the blessed sweet release
Of not caring what happens now,
And not feeling broken.

For a moment, take away
This deep pain in my soul.
Help me see that life has meaning...
That I am worthy.

For an instant, help me not to feel
This deep abiding anger,
This sadness to my very core.

If you will not make me numb,
Then give me the strength to do this alone,
To walk into the fire,
And come out tempered on the other side.
Posted: 2018-08-15 03:42:43 UTC

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