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 Within your soul, Lies a man like me 
Within your heart, Lies the love you've always seek at
Within your eyes, Lies all the beauty of that night 
Within my kiss, all your doubt will take flight 
I am yours and you are mine 
Our love grows great as our souls will intertwine 
I'd conquer anything, to hold your hand 
I'd stop time and be frozen in that time so that you may
how much you mean to me.
Swallowed in dreams of your bliss with an
endless, kiss as I liberate your heart, and search the
depths of your soul. 
It’s like an ocean of emotions whirling back and forth
as our souls fly, as the essence of you and me 
entangled within.

Lafayette C.
Posted: 2018-06-21 20:42:01 UTC

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