the way i will love you, by lafayette Subscribe to rss feed for lafayette
Posted: 2018-06-20 21:08:41 UTC

I will love you in a way that allows you to love me, the way you hold in my mind has become a mark that can’t be erased. The way you smile at me each day I see you are so innocent and sweet, your eyes shine so brightly when you look at me.

I long for your eyes to look my way each day the way you look at me so innocent and sweet; Just one touch of you blameless makes me quiver.

I love the way you look at me, even a slight gentle hug. It makes me love you more and more and more and more, and think about my pass a lot less.

I long for the way you look at me hoping you will one day talk to me .. You remind me of a cherub who came to me to celebrate me.

I can truly say you’re the greatest love I've ever felt.

By Lafayette C.

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