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An unassuming thought of you and I is gone again,
Just daydreaming about your charming face.
I Wishing I could touch your soul with my words today,
While giving you kiss all over your face.
I'd stroke your hair,
As you gaze into my eyes. Tell me what do you see and you
 believed next, what will happen is an Indescribable Feeling
Puts you in a rise.
my hand's Yearning for your touch
While my lips taste for your kiss.
The sensation intensifies,
As you move to close me 
I imagine you around me 
Quenching unassuming thought
I can’t let you out of my slight.
The thought of you is an unassuming thought,
as I s set the tone.
Slower in the beginning,
I want to feel your every thrust thought
Your kissing, your touch your thoughts,
As you touch me on my thoughts.
I run my fingers through your hair,
As you breathe on me makes me.
bite down on my lower lips,
Just wishing you were not an unassuming thought.
I  lose control when these thoughts consume me.
How much of these thoughts of you make me weak.
as I take a breath and open my heart, I’m
Only to be reminded you're in an, unlike place.
But a simple thought of you and I get lost in these 
unassuming thought
about you.
By Lafayette C.
Posted: 2018-06-20 21:04:10 UTC

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