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I take pen in hand and write while I can of men, women, and
children, all on the run. Just people, searching for
freedom, who hide as they must, living on handouts, in dark
boxes and dust. All they are asking is for someone to trust,
to work in your garden, or for a small place to live. They
try not to bother, they try not to fuss, when policemen come
running with clubs and to cuss. They put them in zip ties,
on railroads, or buss, to return them to the poverty, the
hell and the dirt. Can nothing be done, for their freedom to
be won? Please take pen in hand and sign if you can, for all
to be equal to stand as a man, so that men, women, and
children all on the run, won't need to live like animals or
die by a gun.
Posted: 2018-06-11 21:10:55 UTC

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