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Posted: 2018-06-08 16:20:27 UTC
You said, “Man, it’s been a bad day”
Seems every day’s a bad day
The wrong word will start a war
Lace those boots, let’s go to war
Bite your tongue, and lick your wounds
Your cheeks are red as anger blooms
Don’t question anymore
Not burdened anymore
I weigh the world on a sliding scale, and I
Wouldn't worry if heads or tails decides
We're all strapped to the spinning wheel
And there's a blindfolded man in a tux throwing knives

You say, “Man,it’s been a bad day
Lock the door, shut the front gate
It’s not a culture,it's a cult
Life’s a circus,not a show”
I used to think it would all come back again
Less a question of if than where or when
Life, looping and infinite,
I was kidding myself
Once it's finished, it's finished

Blood and rust
Oil and oxygen
The path to where you are
Is where you’ve already been

Who decides?
There’s no lies
There’s no why
There’s only time.......

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