Vagabond 400, by Dimitryet Subscribe to rss feed for Dimitryet

Green and yellow,
Lime of sunrise before,
Orange in front,
Rhymes on the board,
Queen of Saba go to Nord,
Cross with rainbow,
From Bethlehem to Luxor,
It signify no slay, no rob,
Shoot the sheriff of sorrow,
Rightness of heart not wrong,
Notes are colors,
My song and psalm,
The road of hope,
God of love above,
I don't stop like arrow,
The sword one on one,
Icon of one vagabond,
The world around,
Stoping the pale albatross, this storm,
Like contractor the Patriot,
Gone and not gone.
Posted: 2018-08-20 08:04:58 UTC

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