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I fly to you with butterfly wings,
And sit at the end of your finger tip.
I linger there,
And wait for you to notice me.
To gaze upon my beauty.

It was then that I realized,
That love is fragile,
Love takes time.
Love is rough to find.
Its hard to catch,
Its hard to leave behind.

You hold me tight against your chest,
With excitement,
You take me to your home.
 Suddenly I feel trapped. 
Why haven't you noticed that I'm sad and scared?
Will you let me go....

My wings grow tired.
My breathing becomes delayed.
The cadge grows smaller every day.
Why can't you see that I'm sad?
Don't you know I'm lonely here?
Don't you know I don't like it here?
Why don't yo know?
Can't you see my wings are low?
Please just let me go.

"I love you I really do...
So I guess....
I have to let you go.
I know your not happy,
And really that's all I want for you.
My jealous and my selfishness got in the way of your
Know your withering away!!'-him

We sat in silence,
For a moment.
I laid in the cadge watching him cry...
I thought of the moment we meet and starred into each others

"Promise me this,
Don't forget me.
Promise me you will come back..."-him

He leaned over and unlocked the door.
Am I suposed to feel free?
I didn't.
I loved him with all my heart.
We knew each other inside and out.
So many memories fluttered in my mind,
Of us out in the grassy field,
Underneath the trees,
Surrounded by a light blue sky.
It was the moment we held hands in the second grade,
That we knew we were more than friends.
Him with his bunny ears,
And I with my butterfly wings on my back....

"I promise,
I whisper into his ear...
Then I leaned over and blew him 10 butterfly kisses....
i will always fly back to you...
I promise."-me

Posted: 2018-05-06 03:37:10 UTC

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