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I’m writing to you this now because it has come to my
attention that this is a serious issue.

You are so very beautiful,
so intelligent, caring and kind. And you have so much to
Offering your talents is a scary thing. It means opening
yourself up to a world that appears to want nothing to do
with you.
But the truth is, that that is a big whopping steaming pile
of baloney.

We all want the real, just like you do.

That girl you talked to on the street. The guy you shared a
drink with at the party, the long-haired one with bare feet.
They are tired of it too.

They just want the realness, like you do.

So give it to them, and trust yourself.
You know you deserve the best right?

You deserve a group of friends and a family that loves and
cares for you.
They are off and are not of your choosing,
not always, and always, share DNA with you,
and positively are yours to attract.
It is a simple game of metal and magnets.
Trust the game. It is fun once you learn to play, but it
does take practice.

We’ve been playing it for millennia, and the rules and
clues are all around you.

Patience and Faith are two of their names.

So offer your talents up to them, share that part of you
that allows you to sing shamelessly in the shower, go
dancing in the rain, and lay naked on empty beaches.
Every moment we find ourselves amidst the showers of life
and with sand between our toes.

Why worry about those stuck in the parking lot?

They will always be there. But that doesn’t mean you need
So why not, extend a hand, say the thing they wish they
could say
when it is from here, from this place, 
of truth.

There is so little needed to give from a limitless love, and
so much of limitless love to gain.

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Posted: 2018-03-09 03:48:28 UTC

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