"lose your life" to wiz khalifa o.n.i.c, by Keith Subscribe to rss feed for Keith

the chorus
either pay me my money or you could lose your life your life
your life
your life your life
first verse
im so high every day i feel like a martians twin
hig when im walking out high when im walking in
turn your 300 lb body guard into a studio apartement
your girl wouldnt pay for you if you was next on the
if you turned up when i walk in its time to turn down
haters didnt know they could die well i bet they learned
my cd hit stores tell me how much you earn now
not alot your accountant should be concerened now
turn the instrumental into a insurance fraud burned down
lights camera action get them bottles passing
not even the weekend and i feel like steve nashing
Posted: 2018-06-20 20:25:22 UTC

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