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Posted: 2017-12-02 03:39:09 UTC
Christianity means followers of Christ

But some Christians thought its being good and right

Let me clarify this phrase before your hearts be divide

Our opinions should be based in unity of the mind of Christ.

Back from the beginning, Adam and Eve

They're with God, talked to God, with communion with God

But when the sin came thru and chosen sin to pursue

Their connection with God became rebellion and gone bad.

So the people made all things to do what they can

To please God and bring the connection that once lost in imperfections

They gave sacrifices and offerings, do good works and good things

But none of these were enough to cover all their sins.

Now 2 thousand years ago, there was a great sacrifice

He is God, became a human, suffered died and paid the price

That whoever believes in Him will have everlasting life

And the connection that was lost will be redeemed and be alive.

His name is Jesus, the Son of God

A God from beginning A God that's everlasting

The lamb of God who takes away sins

Of all humanity including you and me.

Now back to the question what Christianity means

For others its a religion that's needs to be fulfilled

But as religion says do, Jesus says it's done.

As Religion pushes law, Jesus offers of His love.

Would that mean no more good works no more going to church

So Do we have license now to sin and forget the right thing?

No no no, that's not the sacrifice was for

But for us to have the grace to try again once more.

Brothers and sisters stop condemning yourself when you're late on church

Stop being guilty of bible sleeping instead of bible reading

Enough of crying on the sins that were already forgiven

For God is saying, you failed now, its OK try again, you can do it my son.

Just a brief summary in this mystery

Christianity teaches life and not just being right

Coz remember the tree of life and the tree of good and bad?

By the blood of Jesus Christ, we have now the fruit of life!

God created us not to give us hardships

In fact its for His pleasure to see us with laughter

But His love is so big that He won't force anyone

And His mercy and grace is sufficient to everyone.

I know this little poem that I made for all of you

You've already knew so I think its for me and not for you

But a simple reminder, God is not just in heaven

In fact He is in you Saying "I am always with you

til you come home in heaven that is meant for you."

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