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Friendship is the heart
That beats to the end
Never to be a part
From my best friend
Moments that are good and bad
We still remain true
Even when were happy or sad
Our friendship shines through
Support each other with our tears
When we both needed someone
To help fight our fears
Giving us the courage and strength 
When those troubles came our way
To have complete faith 
That everthing will be okay
Your someone who is kind
Willing to give a helping hand
I would gladly take the time
To walk with you on the sand
I know you really care
About what I feel inside
All my secrets I share
No judgement in your eyes
And when one of us is away
They're always in our heart
No matter what comes our way
Miles can never pull us a part

Posted: 2017-09-12 21:10:33 UTC

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