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As we age, we think of many things.
Time past, so many laughs and yes some tears through the

I was blessed with two sisters and a brother, One that
always took the roll of a mother.

We ran and played, and yes we worked.
But time does pass, love ones are loss and memories fade.

But make no mistake, I know your sacrifices, were great. 

You always have my back, kind words to life my soul.
A place to lay my head, from child to man, you have always
shine bright, to light my way.

Thank you, for loving me, even through darkest days.
Thank you sister for guiding my way.

With all my heart I love all three, but today, I give thanks
for all your deeds and love for me.

I Love You Peg.
Posted: 2017-08-17 18:19:24 UTC

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