Highlen love of Iriss a story ( The Rebirth of us ) , by KnightOfPassion Subscribe to rss feed for KnightOfPassion
Posted: 2018-08-05 18:05:46 UTC

Highlen love of Iriss a story ( The Rebirth of us )

Watching over her as I do each day, a women of such beauty, She knows not how I feel of her, watching the colors of her eyes as she draws water from the well, I feel the calling of my heart. I lay here and wait for the sunrise of rain to fall upon me once again thinking of my love of Iriss watching the shades of her smile as her lips touches the light of the sun as she walks through the forest of dreams I dare not say for am only a lost soul waiting to be captured by the heart of Iriss forever I have felt this way what must I do to capture thy heart. I shall take the form of a mortal and make love to her mind, body, and soul. Only then shall I capture thy heart again, it has been too long my love have you forgotten me? You were once like me has it been too long for you in this mortal way? I shall become as you are only then will we become one as we were for a thousand years past. We have always been the high and the low of the land and we shall become that once more I will bring you the heart of life from past, present, and future only then will you remember me and your ancient name louland together once more will shall reign over this great land of ours. You once took my hand and touched my heart at the same time as I will yours again. I shall begin the making of me into a mortal way To capture us once more I shall ride with the passion to your door and open your heart, I will present you the light of love from the garden of mastra the place of our beginning.

Day One Thousand part 1

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