Wish of You, Wish of Me, by KnightOfPassion Subscribe to rss feed for KnightOfPassion

When we first met, there began a wish of you, Thinking, how
could someone like you have a wish of Me.
Standing next to you, my heart aches knowing there’s No
wish to come true.
Seeing us walk by, eyes never meeting, still the wish Of
you, wishing of me.
When I’m alone, my dreams come back to me, never Answered
by the wish of you.
I lay here and quiver at the thought of you making Love to
me in endless waves of an ocean mist.  
Sitting here with sadness alone once again, 
You’re suddenly standing by my side.
Oh my god! Should I run away, knowing how I wish of You?
You sit next to me and look into my eyes.
You place your hands in mine. Then I realize, you had A wish
of me,... of you,... of us! 
Posted: 2017-07-17 01:48:48 UTC

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