WHISPER IN THE WIND, by KnightOfPassion Subscribe to rss feed for KnightOfPassion

I have always sought the magic of romance, but never
received the prize of love.  Until now!
As you look from the view of your window, you will see my
love is all around you.  As it will stay with you everywhere
you go, never leaving your side.
Oh, I wish to whisper my love in your ear.  Lying here from
this great, final battle just won, life fading from me,
it’s only your love that has kept me alive. Looking into
your face once again I see heaven has come for me.
I have gift wrapped my heart for you and given you the only
key. So I will whisper in the wind my love for you and hope
it finds you.  Please catch it and hold it in your heart for
me so I can once again whisper my love in your ear when you
come to heaven to be with me. 
Posted: 2017-07-17 01:48:46 UTC

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