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Posted: 2017-07-17 01:48:44 UTC

As I watched the stars sleep and the sun reborn into a new day, I reflect on my past, present and future. I ask myself what treasures do I seek to attain in my life. Was it riches of the world . . . Was it the vanity of my friends . . . Or was it the vainness of me?
Searching into the world of treasures, I could not find anything that would give me the pure love and joy that I seek. Oh, I have found treasures for a moment of time, but never lasting!
I am searching for a treasure that gives me new hope, something to teach trust and patience, to share dreams with, and DEMANDS me to be better than I am, testing my worth in life. A unique treasure that will make my life complete! Will my search ever end? ? ?
As I looked into my soul, it was looking back at me telling me that I already have the greatest treasure ever. The one that only a man and a woman could ever give to this world, the treasure of a child! It comes from the love of two, to become the one greatest treasure of all in this world because it is a gift from God. I knew this to be true because I cried when you were born! That’s when I knew I found my love, my joy, my treasure.

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