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I feel like I am short of breath. My lungs are deflated, can
you relate? l gasp for air, my lungs reaching out for air.
It feels like a block of steal is on my chest. Is this a
test to see how long I can go on with shit like this? I know
I am being tested. What other options do I have than to
believe so? I want it, this feeling squealing problem of
mine, to go. 
Show me how to make it so. I will sing it if you show me,
can't you see I am on me knee begging you to kill me? Can't
you just pump it into my deflated lungs so I can breathe,
just breathe. 
I feel like the steel block is becoming heavier. It will
crush me, thrust me into earth, I feel the bones giving in,
as I am. 
I am gasping for air, can't you see it! I am laying here
with no air, no pulse, with a steel block on me. Am I not
here? I am like a ghost, supposed to disappear? I feel like
you ignore my cry for help, like I am a ghost : visiting
those who refuse to acknowledge my existence. 
What does it take for you to see? My slit wrists? A rope
around my neck? The steel block crushing me even more? I am
on my knee begging you, can't you see? Are you so blind, or
is it that you don't want to help me? I implore you, can't
you see, can't you hear it? 
Shit man, I need help, I cry aloud for help! Is that so hard
to see, that I need help!?! 
I reach out my arm for you to take. My lungs deflated, the
steel block having nearly succeeded if you maintain your
course of ignoring.
Posted: 2017-06-25 17:31:49 UTC

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