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Posted: 2017-06-13 20:56:57 UTC

the bells form hell cling, calling for me. ask me to give up my faith, that are getting louder.

the smell of death and rote is geting strong.

my faith is fading, I leaning more towards hell and the devil then to haven and god.

I reach out for god ask him to guid me, through this storm i am inn.

inn the confused of the storm I grab the devils hand and let him lead me.

the bells of hell is stronger then ever they say my name they lure me in.

I can't see can't feel can't speak.
I ask for you father in haven to save my form my sins, I seek forgiveness.

i was warned by you that the devil will trick me you said you would help me if that so happened, but where are you know?! when I need you?

trapped in hell in the bell tower. making the bells ring.

so father in haven I ask you one last time save me form hell.

i am on my knees begging you for savior.
I know I behaved badly, but don't forsake me father.

I beg you to save me from this bells in hell.
I am ready to pay for my sines.

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