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this empty castle with all this demons lurking in the
shadows whisper among them self.

sneaking up freaking people out, whispering to the inner
demon inside of people.

the lurke in the shadows unseen but we now they are in the

take a walk look inside this castle of mine. don't you see
something wrong? 

the demons grate you at the door welcomes you inn to my
castle, they make you stay, the whisper too you kind word
they hit you like a sword, the demons shan't in harmony.

the castle of mine feed from people no one have gotten out
of my castle pure in the skin, pure in the mind, they leave
more damage then when they came, i bring pain ever where I

my demons fallow me with there head up high, they shan't
behind me.

they feed of other people demons. the seamen, see them
ignoring them let them do what they want.

the castle of mine is hunted it is no longer empty it is
filled with empty bodies. lost demons. lost soul, I have
trapped so many in the castle of mine. 

locked up in my castle holding on to my glorious days. oh
how I hate being trapped in here hated where I go.  

there is no light inn me, the light of mine is gone. look in
to my soul you will only find hate and misery.

save your self before I lure you inn and trap you and make
you one of my demons, you will hunt my dreams but I will not
be caught by it. 

I am the king of this castle, you shall obey you shall
listen when I speak, but what is the point I will take your
soul and your inner demons.

empty castles around me with no master to hold the castles
no master or lord to take care of the demons in the

I am surround by empty ness as fare as I can see. my only
company is those I have trapped inn my castle.

I brought this on myself I am the on to blame, the flame
from the lantern burn so bright might it burn inn too the
last sun rise and me I make it.
Posted: 2017-06-12 18:33:58 UTC

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