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Within the caverns darkest night
I’ve dwelt in deep despair.
Not knowing where I ought to go
Not thinking if it’s fair………

That I, a woman drenched in life’s
Torrential storms and tears
Should suffer boundless acts of Fate
Throughout these countless years.

It was a twist, a stroke of Luck
That brought me to the shore
Of the place, where I would learn
My life would hurt no more.

For years I’d searched to find the Love
To make me feel fulfilled.
Intent upon this single quest
I found my mind was stilled.

A foreign state – I was within
A treasure to behold.
I was confused – how can this be?
It’s not what I’d been told!

I am the Sun, the Moon, the Stars
The Pebbles on the beach.
The Galaxies that lay beyond………
ALL now within my reach.

The rain it falls to kiss my cheek.
The dew it bathes my feet.
Enveloped in a Love cocoon
There is no need to speak.

I place one hand upon the earth
The other to my breast.
My eyes are closed to feel the surge.
Love’s vibrations form a crest………

Atop all things upon the earth.
Mother Nature keeps the beat.
The Pulse is felt above – below
An overwhelming feat!

Out of the blue, a heart so true
Has touched my Soul at last.
Providence has deemed us one
Divine Light upon us cast.

There is much which needs to heal.
God knows that we belong
In this union, of two souls
Who’ll serve mankind ‘ere long.

Posted: 2017-06-06 18:54:20 UTC

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