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look at the mountain in the north, look at the sea in the
Far East.

look at the glory it behold, so many people walking
some with heavy bags . some with no bags on there back, some
offer to help, other just watch. 

they take prayed of the little the town has to offer, don't
you dear to talk ile about theirs little town. 

the town is old and wearied out. they take prayed in it,
they talk no bad of other. 
they live in harmony there little colony, lay surrounded by
no crime in the town. 
you still see people with heavy load, some with none. 

the sun may shine bright over the town, the night sky
illuminated the town. 

the water is clear as crystals, the people walk with a
smile, they talk. 

but we don't see them when they are alone, surrounded by the
dark, when the dark is crawling on to them. 

the town is a forgotten place the people are forgotten. the
town grow up to be a myth, was the story's true. 

that they killed outsiders was it true that they wore skin
of the victims. 

none of this was true, but it layed as a dark cloud over the
the town grow old the people grew old, now there is no one
there to tell about the town. the town remains in the songs
and the story's. 

look at the glory of the town how it was and became not what
it could be. 
Posted: 2017-06-12 18:33:59 UTC

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